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October 20th, 2014 / admin

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logo_ecoressourcesEcoRessourcesA resource agregator in the field of the environment

EcoRessources is a web platform for accessing multiple terminological resources listing terms in English, Spanish and French in the field of the environment.

DicoEnviroWeb_resize2 DiCoEnviro. Dictionnaire fondamental de l’environnement

English, Spanish and French records describing in detail the lexico-semantic properties of basic terms related to the field of the environment, specifically to the subdomain of global warming, renewable energies, waste management and electric cars.

Framed_DiCoEnviro_resize2A framed version of DiCoEnviro

A “framed” version of the DiCoEnviro that allows users to navigate between frames and to visualize terms that evoke them. Relations between frames are also defined.





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