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October 27th, 2014 / admin

news-2-resize                                                                Source

Ozone layer is healing

Source: Le Devoir

Ozone_still                                  Source : Wikipedia

Association between air pollution and coronary artery calcification

Source : The Lancet


Heart                              Source: public-domain-image

Air pollution levels rising in many of the world’s poorest cities

Source: WHO



Source : National Geographic


Source: National Geographic


The main source of drinking water in terrible state

Source: Le Devoir

Lac_Saint-Charles                   Photo: Cathybrie Wikicommons

Major cities face risk from sea-level rises

Source: Huffington Post

NY-flood-008                         Photo : Alex Brandon/AP

How Will Robots and Smart Gadgets Transform Energy?

Source National Geographic


Plastic litter taints the sea surface, even in the Arctic

Source: sciencedaily.com

arctic_plastic Photo : Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research

Sea level rise will swallow Miami and New Orleans

Source: Le Devoir


Toxic chemicals threaten human reproduction and health


Capture d'écran 2015-10-03 23.08.43                               Photo : Illustration AFP


Early exposure to tobacco as a cause of behavioral problems in children

Source: Inserm


tabac_kid                                        Photo : Rafael Ben-Ari / Fotolia

Ocean’s wildlife populations down by half

Source: Le monde


fish-291322_640                   Source : Pixabay

Plastic in 99 percent of seabirds by 2050

Source : ScienceDaily

plastics_oiseau                                     Photo : Ingrid Taylar

Level of greenhouse gases reaches record high

Source:  Le Vif

©Thinkstock    gas_effet_de_serre                                            Photo : Pixabay.com

Impact of insecticides on the cognitive development of 6-year-old children

Source: ScienceDaily

inseticide2                                       Photo : Suat Eman 

DDT may quadruple breast cancer risk

Source: Sciencemag

DDT                                     Photo : CGP Grey


Poluants cause mental retardness and physical malformations on children

Source : Le Monde


Air_.pollution_1                                Photo : Wikipedia

Revolutionary microbe for biofuel production developed

Source: ScienceDaily

Microbe                                  Photo : Wikipedia

What kind of air are you breathing?

Source : La Presse+

Automobile_exhaust_gas                                     Photo : Ruben de Rijcke

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Record High in March

Source : Le Devoir

pollution_smog                                      Photo : DL5MDA 

Exposure to air pollution may pose risk to brain structure and cognitive functions

Source : L’actualité

Brain_2                                        Photo : Otak Kanan dan Kiri

Purifying the oceans… one continent at a time

Source : GaïaPresse

ocean_pollution                                   Photo : epSos .de

How the World day was born… 45 years ago

Source : Radio-Canada

earth_hands                                      Photo : pixabay.com

Greenland continuing to darken 

Source : ScienceDaily


Greenland-ice                                           Photo : Hannes Grobe

Western Canada to lose 70 percent of glaciers by 2100 

 Source: ScienceDaily


rocky_mountain                                  Photo : Pixabay.com


Prenatal exposure to common air pollution linked to cognitive, behavioral impairment

Source: ScienceDaily

Journal Reference:

Frederica Perera et al. Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Air Pollutants (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) on the Development of Brain White Matter, Cognition, and Behavior in Later Childhood. JAMA Psychiatry, March 2015

Polluant                Photo : commons.wikimedia

 Ice melt in the Arctic sea ice hits record high

Source : L’actualité







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