Terminological Resources for the Environment

EcoRessources is a comprehensive platform that brings together online dictionaries, glossaries and thesauri focusing on the environment. Subjects covered include climate change, sustainable development, renewable energy, threatened species, the agri-food industry.

A single query allows users to quickly identify all the resources that contain a specific term and to directly access those that can provide additional information. Languages covered are English, French and Spanish.

EcoRessources Team


Marie-Claude L’Homme (Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte, OLST)


Web development

Fabrizio Gotti (Recherche appliquée en linguistique informatique, RALI)



Daphnée Azoulay (Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte, OLST)

Nicolas Godin (Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte, OLST)



Benoit Robichaud (Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte, OLST)



Marie-Claude L’Homme,


The team would like to thank all the partners who agreed to make their resources available. This work is part of a larger research project entitled “Understanding the Environment Linguistically and Textually” supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).